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Alliancz International has been the exclusive distributor of AMSOIL for 10 years. AMSOIL is an American company renowned for its unique and high-performance synthetic lubricants, developing synthetic lubricants that offer innovative answers to the greatest challenges facing modern vehicles and equipment. The extraordinary performance of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in automotive, power sports, industrial, racing and more – has made their influence in the industry unmistakable and their brand highly respected.



AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are chemically engineered to form pure lubricants, they contain no contaminants or molecules that don’t serve a designed purpose. Their versatility and pure, uniform molecular structures impart properties that provide better friction-reduction, optimum fuel efficiency, maximum film strength and extreme-temperature performance that conventional lubricants cannot match. Conventional lubricants are refined from crude oil, and contain contaminating elements such as sulphur, nitrogen, oxygen and metal components such as nickel or vanadium, which are removed during AMSOILs refining process.

Longer Lasting Engines

AMSOIL synthetic base stock and additive package keep engines clean and running efficiently. AMSOIL provides 75% more engine protection against horsepower loss and wear than required by a leading industry standard*, extending the life of vital components like pistons and cams.

Save Money

AMSOIL lubricants boast a drain-interval of approximately 25,000 km, twice that of normal engine lubricants. A higher drain interval means less money spent on repetitive oil changing.

Protection Against Extreme Heat

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil is formulated to withstand extreme heat conditions beyond the hottest temperatures vehicles typically experience, providing peace of mind that your engine receives outstanding protection and performance no matter how extreme the operating conditions.


Longer Lasting Oil

AMSOIL does not heat up as quickly as conventional petroleum oils, hence, it lowers the level of oil consumption as it cools and protects the engines moving parts. With such efficient operations, it also  means emissions become lesser, benefiting not only you, but the environment.

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