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Alliancz International is a leading supplier of architectural furnishing. Our product offerings are diverse, but hold common themes – security, innovation, prestige and eco-friendliness. We believe that one size does not fit all and that everyone has different needs. Therefore, we ensure that our clients are well-attended to, and their expectations are met. We continually strive to provide uncompromised quality products and services that caters to our clients’ needs whilst promoting a safe and sustainable future.






AZ Greenins Deck

Alliancz International is a composite wood product that has the aesthetic of natural wood without the hassle. With a composition of up to 60% recycled wood we boast the Singapore Green Label Cert, another step we take to a greener future.  Comprehensive load tests, simulated weathering tests, fire propagation tests, fire spread tests and slip resistance tests show just how durable and reliable our wood really is.

Security Locking Solutions

Alliancz International brings the best security solution brands worldwide to ensure that our clients receive the best in security technology. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor in Singapore for both MIWA of Japan and Vachette from France. MIWA is the Number 1 Lock Manufacturer in Japan while Vachette is one of the few CE certified lock manufacturer internationally. We also work closely with well-established Korean Lock Manufactures to provide even more up to date options. On top of the premium range of products, we also offer our OEM Alliancz Branded door hardware and accessories, meeting Singapore standard of SS332: 2007.

ADORZ- Green Label Doors (FSC Certified)

ADORZ come in both timber and metal varieties, both of which are accompanied with fire-rated variants, STC rating and Alliancz’s Eco-Board door which provides added resistance to termites and warping. With high thermal insulation, high impact resistance, low thermal conductivity and a range of compatible ironmongery from our premium range of brands, ADORZ is the best choice of consumers seeking for high quality doors in their home and offices.


The high capacity ParkAbikeZ system is a reliable and durable parking solution approved by LTA, SMRT and HDB. Our state of the art hydraulic second tier has achieved the PSB 100,000 cyclic test certificate, this is enough cycles for the rack to work for 10 years.


Eco dry is an innovative, all in one laundry drying system bringing convenience to your home. The remote-control system allows the rack to extend to arms reach providing an effortless solution to hanging your clothes. This innovative technology is ideal for people who live in apartments and condominiums with limited space as the poles are retractable and movable to create better use of space in your home. We offer a wide range of drying rack systems with multiple added functions available such as heaters, air-drying power and UV sterilization lights to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information. 

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Alliancz International Pte Ltd is accredited by leading government agencies.

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