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Alliancz KIPL Patented AZ 2-Tier & Single Tier Bicycle Racks

LTA, Town Council & People's Association Approved System

ParkAbikeZ is a great and reliable solution for organizing bicycle parking spaces, this is ideal for areas with space constraints and can be installed in new purpose built shelters, basements or underground car parks. Our racks have undergone rigorous testing and improvement which has given us the approval by both LTA, Town Council's and People's Association bodies. ParkAbikeZ has been installed in over 80% of the Downtown Line 2 & 3 Stations, as well as numerous LTA, Town Council's and People's Association projects.

Alliancz International offers a state of the art hydraulic system with the Double Tier Bicycle Racks, making them safer and easier to use. The hydraulic system supports the weight of the bicycle as you load it to and unload it from the top of the rack. This system has passed PSB’s 100,000 cyclic testing, the only rack of its kind to do so in Singapore.


  • All potential contact points have had their edges de-burred for safety.

  • This special-designed rack has been approved by SMRT to be suitable for both senior and youth users.

  • Double Tier Racks have passed PSB 100,000 cyclic testing, providing safety long term

  • Heavy duty roller bearings are incorporated for the ease of pulling and returning of upper tier.

  • The height of the second tier had been ergonomically adjusted to prevent health issues on the spine and upper body muscle group.

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