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Up to 60% Recycled Wood Waste

PVC Resins and Chemical Hardeners


UV Treatment




We have seven main colours for the Composite Wood suitable for decking, stairs, cladding, benches, railing etc.


We have six main textures for the Composite Wood suitable for decking, stairs, cladding, benches, railing etc.

Composite Wood Decking is one of the most popular flooring options in modern landscaping and architecture, particularly in urban environments where greenery is scarce as compared to the suburbs. With the increase in residential and commercial high-rise buildings, “sky-gardens” and “roof gardens” have become an essential part of design in modern architecture, as well as wooden decking in homes and apartments.

Other applications of AZ Greenins Deck include (but are not limited to) balconies, pool areas, children’s playground facilities, as well as public areas such as parks and shopping malls.

Why AZ Greenins Deck?

Most natural timber is unable to cope in extreme temperature environments, and even many composite wood timber brands are unable to withstand extensive UV exposure during the day due to the unrecyclable plastic materials integrated within their composition. Extreme heat and weather on these products causes warping, twisting, cracking and other unsightly, costly problems.

AZ Greenins Deck composite wood is carefully engineered and developed with consideration to withstand the tropical weather conditions in Singapore. AZ Greenins Deck is formulated with up to 60% recycled wood-waste and a minimum percentage of plastic and PVC materials, it is further strengthened with environmentally-friendly recyclable resins. The high content of wood waste creates a closer resemblance to natural timber, and the resins prevent cracking, twisting and warping. This composition has allowed AZ Greenins Deck to achieve the SETSCO Class 0 fire rating, the only composite wood product in Singapore to achieve this level.

Moreover, AZ Greenins Deck system is uniquely-designed with an installation method that does not require direct screwing onto the composite timber panels. This distinctive method allows expansion and contraction of the wood panels, which occurs due to its natural wood make up. With substantial versatility, it can also be used as wall-cladding, trellises, benches, Venetian-blinds dividers and sun-shades. AZ Greenins Deck strives to provide a wide variety of structural options to complement any architect’s creative vision and builder’s needs.

Attributes of AZ Greenins Deck


  • Water resistant          

  • “Class 0” Fire retardant

  • PH resistance

  • Insect and fungus resistant

  • Free from natural defects (surface cracks)

  • Resistant to weathering & wear

  • UV stable

  • High impact strength

  • Light weight

  • Close resemblance to natural wood

  • Color retention

  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Recyclable

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